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Easy to find Singles: If you like to find a solid partnership, without you can go to a bar or a club to try and meet the man or woman of your dreams. It is possible, but statistics show this is actually one of the least successful ways to meet your soul mate. For a one-night stand this is maybe the right way for you. You should have an outgoing, confident personality and be able to actually get to talk with people. This is not easy in a bar with music. Also cost as taxis, entry to a club, drinks etc you could sign up for a 6 month membership to our great dating site and get chatting straight away to many potential partners who fits to you.

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The safe way for you: When you are using , all mail and communication remains anonymous. This means that you and the person you are communicating with will know each other only by your Username and NOT by your real name.

Who is using many people, who wants to meet someone (maybe YOU), is using , for whatever reason. If you go to a bar or a club to meet other singles for dating, it can happen that you will not find the right partner or the partner you are interested in, is sitting already with another person and you have to wait or try to talk with another person.

Meeting new people: makes meeting new people much more easier. And sometimes, even if nothing romantic comes out of it, life-long friendships can be made. The search options on our dating site makes it easy to search for people with a wide range of interests and characteristics, so you can deliberately set out to search for the complete opposite of your “usual type” or to meet new men or women who sound different and exciting.

Security: If you start mailing or chatting to someone and find they are actually a real pain and make a nuisance of themselves, it will be no problem for you. You can block members from appearing in your search results, sending you emails or chatting to you if you want. It’s pretty easy to do and cost you only one mouse click.

Reason to join

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